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Adding a Ricoh copier to print from a Windows 8 and 10 PC

(click refers to a left click unless right click specified.)

For Windows 8 & 10 the embedded printer drivers are pretty shocking and will often take a couple of minutes to print unlike the embedded drivers on Windows 7 which are excellent.

For your Sanity You must download the drivers from The Ricoh Website

This should take you to support and downloads, scroll down and click “Ricoh Office Products Downloads”

Under “Multi Funtion Printers” click the down arrow it should then say “loading”

After a little while click down arrow again and it should bring up the list below

Scroll roughly half way down and look for your make of copier (most Ricoh copiers are prefixed with Aficio MP, it is the C and four numerals that is crucial. The C indicate colour and the numerals the model number.  Click on the number for your machine and then the menu closes down and press the “GO” button.

From the next page you can select operating instructions and Drivers and Software.

Click “drivers and software”

It should detect the operating system running on your pc and give you a list of drivers

Pcl5 is the simplest driver and is based on the original printer language, simplicity makes it the most reliable and least likely to be affected by unusual software packages etc. The Pcl6 is more user friendly. The PS driver produces excellent graphics but will not run on the Ricoh copier unless it has the optional Adobe postscript card installed (We would be happy to quote for the upgrade if you think the improved graphics capability would be beneficial.)

Click “download” on your chosen driver

Your pc should give you an option to run or a download arrow will need to be clicked on and then open download.

Click next

It should either give you a choice where to store the driver or create a Temp Folder. Either way make sure you know exactly where the driver you are downloading is going  to be saved as there is nothing worse than getting to the next step and not being able to find it. If in doubt browse and put it in a location you can find. There is always the desktop and after you have used it you can delete or move it.

Click next then you should get a message extraction complete and you can click ok.

( the file needs to be extracted otherwise although you will be able to see the file the computer will not recognise it as a driver so you will not be able to see it in the next stage.)

Follow link Tip Windows 8 & 10 to quickly find control panel

Under hardware and sound click “view devices and printers”

Windows will search for printers on the network and if it finds the one you want click on the printer name and then click next.

If the computer has not found the printer you want to print to, click “The printer that I want isn’t listed”

Select  “add a printer using TCP/IP address or hostname

Click next

You will need the Ip address for the copier, if you do not know this see link to IP Address info

In the box next to Hostname or IP address – type in the ip address for the copier ensure the numbers are correct with the full stops in between each set of numbers. The box below for Port Name should populate automatically .

I would untick box regarding query printer automatically as you have a driver downloaded

Click next.

If you get the window below, check copier is turned on and if it is click this link ip address info.

You should get this window next

Click “have disk”

Click “browse”

You will need to select the location you saved the driver in


The folder will normally be prefixed by a “Z” and ending “EN”

Double click on the folder

You should then have “disk 1” which you need to double click on

You should then have “OEMSETUP” which you need to double click


Click ok