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­Apple Products in Education

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  1. You are probably very familiar with Apple products, popular for their design, quality, performance, and ease of use – in fact most people describe Apple products as fun to use and moreover are ‘keen’ to be associated with the iconic brand.A great combination of emotion, design, technology, and competence that for decades has been enabling their users to achieve high levels of productivity other platforms and IT systems can only aspire too.Thinking about that – wouldn’t that be a real bonus in Education?  Yes, of course.  So, no wonder then that Apple have been offering their range of hardware, apps, and software into the education sector for over 30 years.
    “The most powerful tools for learning are the ones students love to use” 

    The hardware offerings include iPads, Mac’s, and Apple TV.  Working together these products make learning come to life.  Complimented by world class software and over 170,000 apps, the support, lessons, and content available is – phenomenal.

    Apple Support for Education

    iPads – the work horse in Apple’s Education Solutions.  Light, durable and fast, students enjoy working with the devices, and can take learning away from the classroom.  A complete system, with wonderful colourful displays, powerful fast processors, high resolution cameras (video and still photography), microphones, internet connectivity and a range of compatible hardware, such as lenses and microscopes.

    MAC’s – for inspiring creativity, the industry standard for digital art, graphic design, music, video, engineering… Real world tools, apps and software available within the classroom.  Mac’s also come with powerful apps for classroom productivity, and now these are FREE.

    Apple TV – for sharing projects, individual work, lessons etc.  Connect to you HD TV or Projector, present from anywhere in the room – and to the whole room.

    Apps – Over 170,00 apps are available to support all subjects, all syllabuses.  A massive and growing library, courses, content, and productivity tools.  Available through iTunes, so as you would expect many are free, but all are low cost and highly cost effective.

    Software – Apple have invested heavily in teacher support software and apps.  Here’s two that warrant mention in this blog, as they are indicative of the powerful educational ‘eco-system’ you can create with Apple tools.  The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

    • iTunes U: This is one of Apple’s ‘Essential Apps’ and gives you all you need to prepare courses, build lessons with apps and free content, have class discussions, have one to one discussion, set and collect assignments, all you would want to bring the classroom together. And … its FREE!
    • Classroom: turn your iPad into a powerful teaching assistant to guide students through a lesson. You can launch one app on all student devices, launch different apps on different devices, monitor progress and keep students on track.  And again, its FREE!

    All this technology is brought together within an education ‘eco-system’ making it easy to deploy.  Setup processes that make issues like enrolment and configuration automatic.  And ongoing help such as seamlessly buying and distributing Books, Content, and Apps.

    As might be expected it’s a great, and very popular solution.  But Apple are not resting back; continual innovation keeps them ahead of the competition.  For example, Apple in Education helps with the classics of Reading, Writing and Arithmetic – and now add to that learning Coding, forward looking – 21st Century Skills.

    And it’s not all about the students, Apple offer professional learning resources for teachers to build their skills and confidence.  And facilitate support for teachers, including programs for learning from each other’s experiences.  All designed to;

    “Empowering Teachers to be the best they can be”
    It’s all rather good.  Could it be better?  Well, yes we think so.  At CSR Digital, as appointed Apple Resellers we can offer up to an additional 20{d195eceed8222db772e860f22652bbbd4a1d256aa8146c4be9851e2e3b27ac46} discount for schools, colleges, universities, NHS and government institutes.  We would be happy to discuss your requirements and see how we can help.

    u can now deploy sophisticated print polices maximising productivity and reducing cost.

  2. Cost Savings: Reducing waste in uncollected print, managing toner use (apply print policy rules that certain documents only print in mono), inhibit printing documents containing certain keywords (Facebook, ebay … etc), maximise printers in sleep mode….
  3. Productivity: Users stay productive regardless of location – working from Home, Office, Remote Office and Guests are easily accommodated.
  4. Flexibility: Users can choose (if your print policy allows) which printers to print their job.
  5. Security: Know where and when your print will be printed, no more uncollected or unattended document printing, with associated improved Privacy Policy Compliance.
  6. IT: Reduced help desk support calls, save time managing print communities (fewer print queues on fewer print servers), automate tasks.
  7. Mobile Print: Support secure mobile or BYOD printing, secure guest printing.
  8. Track print costs: Centralised print solutions make for easier cost – reporting, charging, monitoring accounting, audits etc.


There are some disadvantages, so … here’s another list:

  1. Speed of Print: There may be delays in routing and queueing print jobs.
  2. Costs: You may need extra licences and software.
  3. Software: You may need specialist software on print servers, workstations and print drivers.
  4. Compatibility: Print drivers on workstations may need to be compatible with all printers to which jobs may be sent.
  5. Vendor Specific Solutions: Some solutions may be vendor specific tying you into that vendor

There you have it – Follow me Print is a simple solution to managing your print and reducing costs, while bringing benefits across the organisation.

If you think your business would benefit from this and you don’t have your print under control like this, or if your current print management solution needs review, your print policies have moved on or you simply are not enjoying these benefits, we would be happy to discuss your requirements.

At CSR our preferred solution is YSoft’s SafeQ Software. A comprehensive print software that offers a world of useful features such as Follow-me, pull print, favourite jobs and re-print and more. It centralises your company’s print environment, enabling you to monitor and control the cost of printing and copying operations.

The software has the ability to collect data from your company’s reprographic processes and produces comprehensive, customised reports tailored to your needs. With the knowledge provided by YSoft SafeQ, you can optimise printer usage, distribute the job load and eliminate unnecessary printers, reducing equipment acquisition and maintenance costs.

By implementing YSoft SafeQ in your organizations, you can realize up to 40{d195eceed8222db772e860f22652bbbd4a1d256aa8146c4be9851e2e3b27ac46} savings on document output costs. Return on investment can be as fast as 6 months.  It’s a modular application designed to grow with your business, its great value for money and pays for itself by reducing your colour/mon and overall print volumes.

If this is of interest to you – you’re in the right place, at CSR we are experts with the installation and implementation of YSoft SafeQ and we are always happy to advise.