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Case Studies

How CSR works with Customers to build long-term relationships

CMI – Chartered Management Institute

The Brief:
Serverless Print Roaming, Google Cloud Print, Multi-site Printing and Scanning.

The Issues
The customer wanted to introduce Google Cloud Print as the office was going to migrate to Chromebooks and Google Office. The customer also requires a multi-site solution as they have 8 Olivetti MFP in Corby and London and staff travelled between both sites on a regular basis.

The Solution
Ysoft SafeQ6 was a great fit, featuring Print Roaming, Google Cloud Print, Encrypted Printing and Scanning across multiple sites. Ysoft enabled the IT to roll out the migration slowly and with very little distribution to the 250 staff.

Using Ysoft the customer has been able to meet their GDPR compliance requirements and helped to reduce their printer waste.

Bluebird Care

The Brief:
Process unorganised paper patient records, Create File Structure, OCR, Rename and Organise scans to Local and Cloud Storage. 

The customer was keeping the patient care records in a secure room in the office. The secure room was nearing capacity and they wanted to digitise the patient records. The customer had been using their Olivetti MFP to scan documents and then rename them and create a folder
structure based on the customer’s name and date of birth. This was a very time-consuming process.

The Solution
We introduced Scanshare to Bluebird Care which was able to read the Patient Name, DOB and Date of Visit. Using this information Scanshare created a folder for the customer and sub folders so paperwork could be stored in year and quarters.