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CSR Case Study – Automotive Print Solution

solicitors print solution - csr digital

This case study is drawn from our experience serving clients in the automotive sector.  Another huge sector, in 2016 automotive manufacturers turned over £77.5Bn.  An extremely competitive sector, and quite rightly cost sensitive.  It is also a very eco friendly sector where constant innovation is taking place to save on energy, water, and waste.  In 2016 Energy per vehicle produced is down 3.2%, waste per vehicle produced was down 33.7% and water consumption per vehicle down 3.5%.

No surprise then that here at CSR Digital we are having great success serving innovative manufacturing and service businesses in the Automotive sector,  we simply tick all the boxes… Clean, efficient, reliable and reducing costs / saving money.

We have blogged about the Managed Print Sector and their advances in moving towards a cleaner Circular Economy, and we have blogged about the benefits of modern machines over old models,

These businesses had some fairly unique requests/needs that needed to be met, nothing major, but these needs were all prerequisite to working with them, to serving them well.

One client has 14 sites across the UK –

  • Each site has a min of 1 x colour A4 or A3 multifunction, some sites have up to 3 devices based on volumes and size of site.
  • Currently rebadged printers onsite – which are being swapped out for Olivetti machines.
  • There was a specific need from their IT department that configuration of printers had to be done before devices arrive to site, and mirrored for any future replacement printers.
  • They don’t want to have to worry about recycling toners at each site anymore which cost them money – so we put bins in each site for us to periodically collect the old empty’s.
  • Commercially, this client wanted their pricing fixed, due to the volatility of the market post Brexit – we have been able to agree a fixed pricing structure based upon a minimum billable volume.
  • And we have achieved approximately 40% reduction in their total spend over their current supplier.

Finally – this client has a high staff turnover – which made it hard to manage their toner replenishment for the fleet of printers – the problems included lack of ownership at each site, and the need for continual training of new staff.  Our solution – we label each toner by printer model and location on site, to remove risk of trying to use the wrong toner, losing toners and timely/accurate replenishment.

So, we think this case study illustrates how we at CSR Digital aren’t just shipping out a printer/copier, we are working with our clients to provide efficient and effective ‘systems’ solving real business challenges, saving time, saving money, solving real operational issues – adding real value right across the business.  Can we do this for your business?  Give us a call and lets see.