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Print Audit

Print Audit Facilities Manager enables CSR Digital to maintain seamless communication with a customer’s printer fleet remotely, updating us by the hour on all service indicators such as, toner levels, consumable service life by item, including print/copy/scan counters – this level of detail ensures proactive management of a customer fleet with minimal fuss and of course, down time.

CSR Digital will provide this software to you at no cost, allowing you to see your printers and copiers in your office. After 5 working days we would present you with the data on your copiers and printers.

Is it secure?

No personal information is collected or sent from Facilities Manager. Only the following information is gathered and transmitted to Print Audit’s secure server:

  • Printer name, make and model
  • Location
  • Serial number
  • IP Address
  • MAC Address
  • Page Counts
  • Toner levels
  • Status / Alerts (e.g. out of paper, paper jam)

Due to it’s level on functionality, Print Audit is a very competent and reliable post installation tool for the management of single printers, up to multiple printer fleets across multiple networks.

How do I get Started?

First download the latest version of Print Audit Facilitates Manager

If the download does not, copy the link into your search bar:

Run the program and press next to complete the installation.
When the installation has finished call us on 01908 305083 and we will provide you with a license code to start Print Audit.

Want to know more about Print Audit & managed print services?

Being in business as long as we have we know that you’ll have more questions than we can answer on this page. Every business is different and you’ll have specific questions to your needs or usage, so please feel free to ask.

At CSR Digital you’ll always speak to someone that handles a specific service and we have first-hand experience of all of the products we sell or rent, so please feel free to ask us any questions about them.

You can use the form on this page to contact us specifically about our managed print services or visit our Contact Us page for general enquiries. If you would prefer to speak to someone directly, please call us on 01908 305083.

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