CSR Digital is a supplier of a wide range of high quality and state of the art IT hardware from a plethora of global leading manufacturers in order to see to the fact that your business is well equipped to support core function and processes.

In order to build a platform which is capable of meeting your business’ specific requirements and delivering top of the line services to your users, it is essential to get the underlying IT infrastructure right.

In conjunction with many of the leading global IT vendors, we are vastly experienced and highly conversant in providing IT infrastructure hardware and equipments.



We offer a wide variety of solutions, some of which are




Where high powered computing and processing are required

Thin Clients   

Where a VDI is set up and computing is carried out at the end of the server


Which are mainly for information consumption functions rather than its development


From the point of view of information dissemination, it is used for gaining quick access to emails


If you run a business that requires multiple computers, getting a server is a good way to make sure that your data is secure and organized, thereby making your business more efficient.


A retail business will need a Point of Sale System, which typically includes a cash register and the majority of retail POS systems also have card readers in order to make allowance for seamless payments.


We are suppliers of a wide range of screens, depending on your personal requirements and needs- we have ranges varying from standard LED/LCD screens to projectors and large format public displays.



Want to know more about available hardware?

Being in business as long as we have we know that you’ll have more questions than we can answer on this page. Every business is different and you’ll have specific questions to your needs or usage, so please feel free to ask.

At CSR Digital you’ll always speak to someone that handles a specific service and we have first-hand experience of all of the products we sell or rent, so please feel free to ask us any questions about them.

You can use the form on this page to contact us specifically about available hardware or visit our Contact Us page for general enquiries. If you would prefer to speak to someone directly, please call us on 01908 305083.

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