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Technical Help

IT Supplies, and Why?

For some years, whilst supporting our existing customers, we have from time to time been asked to assist with emergency requests for the odd IT product, or asked for advice/assistance with customer’s smaller desktop printers.

We’re pleased to now say, we’ve taken the step of adding an IT procurement arm to CSR Digital.  James Carvalho is now heading up our dedicated IT Hardware Software and Services business.  James will be responsible for the day to day support to our customers for any needs and requirements.

The industry trend does seem to be Servicing Dealers moving into the IT arena, and IT Supply companies moving into the Servicing Dealer arena.  With over 30 years experience in the copier industry, CSR Digital is well equipped to support our customer’s with direct touch, as they have become used to.  The IT Side complements our existing business rather nicely.  Most IT suppliers look to outsource their managed print requirements out to a third party due to the experience and setup required, whereas we already provide this service in house.