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Dedicated Account Management

Proactive and Dedicated Account Managers


As an account manager, we are your voice and we will make sure your every need is met to the very best of our ability. Having a dedicated account manager also has the advantage of helping us to learn more about our customers so that we can be even more proactive and can update information in our database. This will help us make sure that each order is to their satisfaction. As we build upon relationships, we add a personal touch and give you confidence in the fact that our word is our bond. This basically means that we are respectful, honest and caring. Everyone must work together and we must not forget the fact that each person experiences challenges not only professionally, but personally as well. By building a relationship on a personal level and well beyond the business relationship, the experience of an account manager is so much more rewarding. Account managers are here to help you come to an even more in-depth understanding of your business and provide solutions for your benefit.


Buy With Confidence


You can buy with full confidence in the fact that CSR Digital is providing you with quality product that fits your specific request by offering multiple quantities and lead times on all IT Products, making us your 1st choice shop. Customers can save time by not having to shop around and they can directly place their orders with us. With the help of our engineering team, your account manager can provide suggestions that will save you large amounts of money. You can also expect account managers to assist in managing inventory for any stock holding projects.  As inventory levels change, we can adjust to your every demand.

We are committed to creating value for our customers at every stage of the business life cycle by offering a full range of end-to-end services and solutions. We do this by providing each customer with a dedicated, thoroughly seasoned and experienced account manager.

We also offer free technical verification and consultancy services from our large team of consultants whom are experts within the field on Server & Storage, Networking and virtualization applications

Want to know more about Dedicated Account Management?

Being in business as long as we have we know that you’ll have more questions than we can answer on this page. Every business is different and you’ll have specific questions to your needs or usage, so please feel free to ask.

At CSR Digital you’ll always speak to someone that handles a specific service and we have first-hand experience of all of the products we sell or rent, so please feel free to ask us any questions about them.

You can use the form on this page to contact us specifically about our Account Management or visit our Contact Us page for general enquiries. If you would prefer to speak to someone directly, please call us on 01908 305083.

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