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New Technology for Old : for LESS!  Bring your Managed Print Solution right up to date. AND Save money!

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I noticed, that across a number of our blogs, we refer to Managed Print Solutions that we design and deliver to our customers that in one hit upgrade our clients technology, bringing all manner of new technology, business wide efficiencies, environmental benefits to their business, that with our competitive finance packages end up costing our customers LESS than the system we are replacing.


Now THAT has to be a story worthy of a blog?  Yes, we thought so to, so here’s how we make this magic happen.


I guess a case study would help:


We have a customer we have been providing copiers too since 2004, they are in the retail leisure market with about thirty staff.  In 2014 they purchased a used colour/mono Multi Function Printer.  This is situated in their main office and it is networked so all the staff can use it for printing and scanning as well as copying.  It is capable of printing up to 25 pages per minute and produces colour and mono prints up to A3 size, and came with a document feeder.  And, they were very happy with this set up.


A couple of years later, change came in the form of updating their servers to the latest version, (for the techies this update to the File Server now supported SMB 3.0, pushing the need for SMB 3.0 support throughout the business, well at least to their Printer!) the problem was the machine they had was an older model and it did not support the latest SMB 3.0 for scanning.

As a short term fix they set up scanning via the MD’s PC.


Fast forward a year, and in early 2017 the MD approached was getting fed up of the scans going to his own computer and asked us if there were any alternative options available to them.  Being familiar with the business and its needs, we quickly put together a quotation on a new copier which supported all the latest functionality plus features like Air Print which allows printing from a mobile phone or tablet, scanning to office 365 etc.


And, to the clients delight, there were cost savings in the lower maintenance cost of the new copier that absorbed the lease rental payments and left a clear overall saving against what they were currently paying.  AND that was not taking in to account the reduction in energy consumption of the newer machines, that run at a much lower temperature so use less electricity.


As well as resolving the scanning issue, a brand new machine which ultimately will be more reliable would actually cost less which really seems a no brainer.


The technical solution works, and a quick look at the finance.  There is the commitment to think of with a lease for 5 years, but it is surprising how quickly five years come around in business.  On top of this, no lump sum payments to find and although leasing does have interest added it is 100{d195eceed8222db772e860f22652bbbd4a1d256aa8146c4be9851e2e3b27ac46} tax deductible as a rental rather than claiming write down allowance on capital equipment purchased.

In this example – the customer was doing approximately 2300 colour pages and 2100 mono pages per month, and the fee comparisons were –


On the old copier inclusive maintenance was costing £144.38 + vat Per month.
The new Copier inclusive maintenance same usage would be : £87.85 + vat Per Month
Plus, the monthly lease payment on new copier: £35.96 + vat Per Month
Total per month: £123.81 + vat per month
Saving: £20.57 + vat per month



How great is that?  There you have it, a real world example, New for Old for LESS.  Great isn’t it?  And this case study doesn’t capture all the benefits and savings.  Upgrading to new technology, brings benefits, efficiencies, and savings across your business – these machines run cooler and save on your energy bills, they bring new more flexible ways of working, you have happier more productive employee’s, better security and to save money on the equipment alone, this could be a no brainer.