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Print in a Circular Economy

Never Assume! Reprographic printers: Digital Printing.

Print in a Circular Economy – At CSR we love our work, we are proud of our business and the sectors we work in.  Print and IT.

We have blogged about the speed at which technology changes, and how these changes have affected the Print Industry, and ultimately how the print industry has responded.  Read our previous blogs here –

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Never Assume!

So, time to peer into the near future and what lays in store for us.  We’ve talked about ‘Digitally Disruptive Technology’ and how Smart Devices (Phones, Tablets, Cameras even watches) have enabled a new way of working, new wants and needs, for example the need for mobile ‘print anywhere’ solutions.  That’s not the future, that’s not SciFi, that’s all here and now.  The near future technology affecting print involves, among other technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI), 3D Printing and Internet of Things (IoT) – printers are ‘Things’.  These Technologies enable change in many ways – including new business models and new businesses (Uber, AIR BNB, Amazon).

There’s one emerging trend, enabled by these technologies, that we love, we adore and for so many reasons endorse why we love what we do so much.  What could that be ?  We are talking about Prints role in a ‘Circular Economy’.

We like a definition in our blogs … so Dr Wikipedia a definition if you please….

circular economy is a regenerative system in which resource input and waste, emission, and energy leakage are minimised by slowing, closing, and narrowing material and energy loops. This can be achieved through long-lasting design, maintenance, repair, reuse, remanufacturing, refurbishing, and recycling.[1] This is contrast to a linear economy which is a ‘take, make, dispose’ model of production.

See why we like this?  We’ve blogged about recycling before – The planet is on loan to us all.  So the principles of a Circular Economy really resonate with us.  And our industry is in the vanguard of this, having embraced emerging enabling technologies to move rapidly away from the ‘take, make, dispose’ production model.  Insert a little, Happy Dance….

Here’s an excellent article on the subject by Quocirca, (a research and analysis company with a focus on the European Markets) – “Unlocking The Circular Economy In The Print Industry”

A Few highlights from that article …

“The Linear Model is a huge drain on finite natural resources and generates vast amounts of waste…. In the FMCG industry approximately 80{d195eceed8222db772e860f22652bbbd4a1d256aa8146c4be9851e2e3b27ac46} of the $3.2 Trillion worth of materials used each year is not recovered.”

How Much !!  And every year, we aren’t alone thinking this isn’t good enough…

“The main drivers for a circular economy include the volatility of commodity prices, restricted supply of resources and … policy drivers such as regulation on manufacturer responsibility and consumer culture.”

“In December 2016 the EU Commission announced a €24Bn Circular Economy Package… including legislative proposals on waste”

“Sustainable and Circular Economy practices are well established in the print industry”

Great reasons and incentives for manufacturers and industries to adopt a Circular Economy, it’s the future, thankfully.  But with our commercial head on – lets pick up on the ‘Policy Drivers’, its more than Corporate Social Responsibility, we are increasingly seeing procurement criteria requiring we have in place adequate and effective ‘green’ policies.  And governments are legislating to encourage more ecologically sound industries.  Thinking about this – your IT and Print solutions can help with establishing and demonstrating your green credentials, and ticking that box in so many procurement requirements, cool huh!

What’s not to like about a Circular Economy?  You can see why we are proud of our sector, leading the way.

If your business is struggling along with old technology, in IT or Print, there are so many ecological, technical and commercial reasons to talk to us about bringing you up to date.  Modern IT and Print solutions improve your business – staff performance, efficiency, waste, and can almost certainly save you money.  If you have old legacy printers, call us now let’s see how we can improve your business and cashflow?