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­Printing that follows you. “Follow me Print”

Never Assume! Reprographic printers: Digital Printing.

We are all, always looking to make savings within our businesses.  Quite right too.   With this in mind lets discuss what could be some very low hanging fruit, print management and specifically ‘Follow Me Print’ aka ‘Pull Print’.  This is a solution that could realise up to 40{d195eceed8222db772e860f22652bbbd4a1d256aa8146c4be9851e2e3b27ac46} savings on your print costs (with an ROI as quick as 6 months).  And it gets better, as well as the savings – this brings benefits for your IT, Support, Security and providing your users with a more reliable, more flexible and more convenient print service.  To good to be true?  Let’s see…

Lets get on the same page with a quick definition:

‘Follow Me Print’ / ‘Pull Print’ is a print solution where a users print job is held on a server or workstation and rather than always being sent to a specific printer (on their desktop, or the print station in their office) the print job can be delivered (or released) to any printing device within the companies printing domain.

Would an example help?  I’m in an open plan office, I need to print sensitive documents, I don’t want them being printed by default on the communal printers in case someone else collects them first.  I can choose to have my print jobs printed on a specific printer – in a private office, or I can have my print jobs queued and only printed when I authorize myself as standing beside the actual printer.

That example is just one use case… Follow me Print has a number of other benefits.  Here’s a few:

  1. Implement Print Policies: With a centralised platform, supporting rules based controls you can now deploy sophisticated print polices maximising productivity and reducing cost.
  2. Cost Savings: Reducing waste in uncollected print, managing toner use (apply print policy rules that certain documents only print in mono), inhibit printing documents containing certain keywords (Facebook, ebay … etc), maximise printers in sleep mode….
  3. Productivity: Users stay productive regardless of location – working from Home, Office, Remote Office and Guests are easily accommodated.
  4. Flexibility: Users can choose (if your print policy allows) which printers to print their job.
  5. Security: Know where and when your print will be printed, no more uncollected or unattended document printing, with associated improved Privacy Policy Compliance.
  6. IT: Reduced help desk support calls, save time managing print communities (fewer print queues on fewer print servers), automate tasks.
  7. Mobile Print: Support secure mobile or BYOD printing, secure guest printing.
  8. Track print costs: Centralised print solutions make for easier cost – reporting, charging, monitoring accounting, audits etc.


There are some disadvantages, so … here’s another list:

  1. Speed of Print: There may be delays in routing and queueing print jobs.
  2. Costs: You may need extra licences and software.
  3. Software: You may need specialist software on print servers, workstations and print drivers.
  4. Compatibility: Print drivers on workstations may need to be compatible with all printers to which jobs may be sent.
  5. Vendor Specific Solutions: Some solutions may be vendor specific tying you into that vendor

There you have it – Follow me Print is a simple solution to managing your print and reducing costs, while bringing benefits across the organisation.

If you think your business would benefit from this and you don’t have your print under control like this, or if your current print management solution needs review, your print policies have moved on or you simply are not enjoying these benefits, we would be happy to discuss your requirements.

At CSR our preferred solution is YSoft’s SafeQ Software. A comprehensive print software that offers a world of useful features such as Follow-me, pull print, favourite jobs and re-print and more. It centralises your company’s print environment, enabling you to monitor and control the cost of printing and copying operations.

The software has the ability to collect data from your company’s reprographic processes and produces comprehensive, customised reports tailored to your needs. With the knowledge provided by YSoft SafeQ, you can optimise printer usage, distribute the job load and eliminate unnecessary printers, reducing equipment acquisition and maintenance costs.

By implementing YSoft SafeQ in your organizations, you can realize up to 40{d195eceed8222db772e860f22652bbbd4a1d256aa8146c4be9851e2e3b27ac46} savings on document output costs. Return on investment can be as fast as 6 months.  It’s a modular application designed to grow with your business, its great value for money and pays for itself by reducing your colour/mon and overall print volumes.

If this is of interest to you – you’re in the right place, at CSR we are experts with the installation and implementation of YSoft SafeQ and we are always happy to advise.