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Scan Share

My first experience of ScanShare!

As an Olivetti Partner, we were introduced to a new platform available to its Servicing Dealers.  A nifty pieces of software that allows the capture, convert & delivery of paper based documents in the electronic format of choice.  Scan share call it “the bridge between paper and electronic files”

Early 2017, at a Dealer training course, was the first time I had been introduced to such software, and to be perfectly honest, as useful as the tool looked on paper, I found myself wondering “how am I going to find the sort of customer who is going to want this?”

Here the techy bit..  Scanshare can OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) a document which is the automatic recognition of crossed boxes, and signatures on a document. Displaying the results as meta data, variables which can be used when storing the file.

Once received Scanshare processes the incoming document.

Once processed Scanshare will aid the storage of the document on either a local Database, Windows Folder, FTP Server, Cloud storage, document management system, CRM, as a Print Job, as an Email, and run a script.

Having completed training, and armed with my new found knowledge, I regrouped back to work, vowing to forever keep one ear out for the subtle hints from customers their lives are blighted by paperwork loitering on the end of every workstation.

After a few weeks, with conversations above workflow automation coming and going with very little of them, I stumbled across the diamond in the rough!  By chance, a meeting to discuss a relatively straightforward upgrade “copier here, printer here, scanner over there” I am confronted with the boss of a successful company sharing his frustrations that the stacks of job cards and associated audited paper work mounting up downstairs, waist height, and covering a very nice paint job in reception downstairs!  “it’s taken care of when a school leaver asks for a job!”

Rolling up my sleeves we walked through the process that ends in the pile of paperwork sat in reception, agreed a solution to automate the two touch process, and two weeks on we have a happy customer bought into ScanShare, with his reception walls reclaimed!

We’re now a Software Solutions provider!  To new beginnings.