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Scanshare is an excellent document workflow platform, with an attractive and easy user interface, that allows to create a workflow in a few steps. The workflows are customizable and contribute to save time, resources and money, thanks to the process automation of the daily work. The OCR engine can convert files in to many formats, also searchable PDF. The integration with Active Directory and the Single Sign-On features, guarantees the perfect integration of Scanshare also in an environment with network infrastructure.

Why would we want it?

  • Does your office currently spend hundreds of pounds a month for physical document storage?
  • Does your office stock pile business documents somewhere within the office?
  • Is your business legally required to keep a copy for a period of years?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, then Scanshare could be a low cost solution allowing you to extract data from the physical page, archived automatically into your back office system of preference, indexed for easy future retrieval. Scanshare provides this level of functionality with via a ‘one touch’ workflow, fully customisable to your exacting requirements.

So what is a workflow?

A ‘workflow’ is a computer speak for mimicking the series of tasks your office staff already work through systematically, when carrying out day to day office tasks, such as:

  • Data entering information specific to a customer/ supplier to back office programmes
  • Marking/amending held database information upon receipt of customer/supplier information

Various departments across the business require a level of systematic processes to complete tasks on a daily basis. Completing these everyday tasks take time by hand, errors can be made, and ultimately attribute a significant cost to virtually every UK business in staff time.

When considering staff are one of the largest costs to UK businesses, and the above is ultimately about reducing staff time to process information, Scanshare starts to make business sense.

Hardware Suitability / Software Support

The versatility of Scanshare, and its simplicity to use at user level makes it a perfect “bolt on” solution to virtually any UK business.

Users can approach the device and scan documents into Scanshare for auto distribution, using the scanner just like they would normally do. They simply touch the Scanshare Icon, and drop the documents into the scanner feeder as they would normally. Although this is a versatile product with a range of uses, businesses such as Solicitors in particular handle enormous volumes of archived data daily, and because they’re required to store this information at significant costs for periods of time to adhere to regulation, the benefits of Scanshare soon become clear.

CSR Digital supplies and installs Olivetti hardware across the counties, supplying Olivetti/OEM Konica Minolta printers and multifunction devices, which ensures compatibility is seamless due to the joint cooperation of Olivetti UK & Scanshare. First line support is provided through CSR Digital with Olivetti support in addition, remote login is available through joint cooperation with your external / internal IT support. Additional support packages are also available, and dependent upon the individual needs of each business, we configure support appropriately.

See our link here to our range of Olivetti’s devices but remember, you require a multifunction device with scanning facility to be able to make use of Scanshare.

The aforementioned legal profession is an obvious candidate for such ‘automated assistance’ that said, any business with daily requirements to input data quickly, securely, and accurately, can benefit from this ‘bolt on’ technology.


Scanshare in use

Fix Auto, a well respected Body Repair company in over 90 locations UK wide.


  • Traffic of 20+ vehicles travelling through the body shop on a daily basis.
  • Each vehicle has a master job sheet, with an individual repair number relating to that vehicle.
  • Each vehicle requires body repair assessment, estimation requests, and sign off through each department of the business communicating with customers/suppliers and insurers at each given step of the process.
  • All vehicles end their journeys with a master file of 20-30 individual documents, accompanied with images to support.


  • Two storey building with job sign off split across both floors.
  • Locally connected printers to client PC’s, individual flatbed scanners across the office for scanning office documentation relating to vehicle job if possible.
  • Documentation scanned into off premise solution Auto Flow, and in specific format.
  • Upon completion of vehicle job, hardcopy documents collated and sent down stairs to reception for electronic scanning when staff member is available.
  • Collated Information scanned through flat bed scanners one page at a time, user required to find destination, and create file within Auto flow named by that vehicle’s job number, then scan related files individually into Auto flow folder matching the vehicle job.

Added complication:

  • At times job cards would have a hand written job card number.  In this situation, user would be required to create file again, naming file destination with vehicle job for future retrieval of information.
  • Slow and time consuming, vehicle jobs stock piled waiting for electronic submission of data into Autoflow.  Reception used for stock piling vehicle jobs.


  • Scan Share Enterprise edition, with additional ‘on screen’ widget for key entry for hand written job numbers for the occasional vehicle job sheet hand written.

Scan share was employed on ground floor Olivetti with 80 image per minute high capacity scanner, enabling user to add multiple complete vehicle jobs (20-30 pages per job) at a time.

Scanshare reads the information presented, identifying the job number from the master job sheet Scanshare is then able scan and send all relating information into a newly created folder created by itself.  Meaning Scanshare is able create a folder corresponding to the vehicle job number, and point all relating pages to the newly created folder, all by itself.

Scanshare would identify a new job only once a new Master Job sheet was picked up and read through the Olivetti scanner, enabling Scanshare to identify any further information as a separate new job with a different job number.

Master Job cards with hand written Job numbers: User enters the number on the job card into the widget on the Olivetti home screen, whilst Scanshare takes care of the remaining tasks behind the scenes ensuring all prevailing information relating to that job ends up the in the correct destination.

Fix Auto are a typical example of how Scanshare can help improve and existing workflow, saving time, money and reducing error. If you would like to discuss how Scanshare could be used in your business, feel free to contact us. Once we know a little about your business and your current workflow we can help streamline your processes.

Want to know more about Scanshare & managed print services?

Being in business as long as we have we know that you’ll have more questions than we can answer on this page. Every business is different and you’ll have specific questions to your needs or usage, so please feel free to ask.

At CSR Digital you’ll always speak to someone that handles a specific service and we have first-hand experience of all of the products we sell or rent, so please feel free to ask us any questions about them.

You can use the form on this page to contact us specifically about our managed print services or visit our Contact Us page for general enquiries. If you would prefer to speak to someone directly, please call us on 01908 305083.

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