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Secure Data Containers – Separate Work from Home

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Secure Data Containers Separate Work from Home

We love a smart mobile device, it seems we all do as the sales of mobile devices vastly out number desktops sales.  At work though, these devices can pose a risk to corporate data.  Its very easy to take a document or email home, in good faith, to work on etc, the problem is the lack of security for those documents on your mobile devices.

This matters for a number of reasons, there’s the obvious issues with sensitive corporate data, customer details, financial information, project details etc.  But there’s also our corporate responsibility under legislation like the Data Protection Act, all the processes and procedures in place while in the office may be completely compromised once the file is loaded or saved onto your tablet…

What are we to do?  Huge clue in the blog title – how about ‘Secure Data Containers’?

A Secure Data Container is an app, on your mobile device, that provides a separate storage area, with software authentication and data encryption, which can be under the control and management of your IT department and your IT policies allowing you to consistently enforce the same security policies on your data across multiple types of device.

The benefits of a Secure Data Container go beyond security, some apps allow you to ‘push’ documents and data onto devices.  For example, you can ensure everyone is working with the latest documents or data by ‘pushing’ or updating product or sales data on everyone’s mobile device at once.  This is extremely efficient and ensures consistency, once the file are updated you KNOW everyone has the latest information, if you email the documents you know they have the email, you may know they have read it – but you don’t know if they have updated their copies.


There’s more benefits, you can remotely back up documents or data and in the case of a lost or stolen device wipe the company data.  Good huh ?

Some users, quite rightly, may have concerns about the corporate IT department planting apps on their smart devices, especially with the growing culture of Bring Your Own Device ‘BYOD’.  After all, our devices carry an awful lot of information about us, geographic data about where we are and where we have been (have you checked the detailed data your iPhone keeps on your travels?  We can blog about that later if you would like to know more – just ask), personal photos, passwords, private emails etc.  The benefit of using a Secure Data Container is that your IT people only have access to the business data, nothing else.

Our IT people are here to help if you think Secure Data Containers could help you within your business.