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CSR Digital Case Study – Solicitors

solicitors print solution - csr digital

This solicitors print solution case study is drawn from our experience serving clients in the legal sector.  It’s a huge sector, worth £23.5Bn, and the popular stereotypical view that lawyers are stuffy, old fashioned, very traditional businesses – couldn’t be more wrong.  Disruptive technology is driving change everywhere, and many lawyers are embracing this change.

In a recent article “What firms really think about legal technology” – December 2016,  in ‘The Lawyer’ Matt Byrne summarises the UK200 Report in respect to how legal firms are applying new technology.  Key points of interest are that the majority of firms regard investment in technology as a strategic priority –

  • 84% of firms report that IT and Tech investment is higher up the strategic agenda.
  • 66% report their budget for IT related investment is higher for 2016/2017.

Inevitably – managed Print and IT services are central to deploying technology within these firms.  From our considerable experience – Solicitors and Lawyers have particular Managed Print and IT requirements, in this sector the non-negotiable ‘Must have’s’ for a solicitors print solution include –

  • Print Integrity
  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Work Flow
  • Document Storage / Recovery
  • Cost tracking
  • Integration with

At CSR, we look after over 10 solicitors, with a few having multiple location.  You can see we have testimonials on our website for the quality of our work in serving this sector.

Key needs for all legal firms:

  1. Confidentiality of the prints released from the printer – this is understandably a hot potato for them, hence they like to have individual printers where possible – which goes against the grain of most businesses.

One client had 40+ individual desk top printers, and 6 copiers.  Over time we are continually rationalising this reducing the number of desk top devices in favour of secured walk up print solutions that provide the necessary confidentiality.  This brings many efficiencies and savings, currently their annual costs are down a staggering 38% with our solutions.

(In this instance the PGL 2150eco printer is ideal for this client.  It has photocopier technology bundled into a desktop sized printer – we can run these desktops at price per page similar to an A3 photocopier – we have already blogged on something similar HERE)

The PGL 2150eco printer achieves photocopier running costs due to the materials used within the device – Our illustration is a comparison of HP 3005 vs. Olivetti PG L2150eco, and what’s replaced each time toner runs out (if you decided to break down that HP cartridge!)

solicitors print solution 2 - csr digital

  1. Compatibility – All major solicitors these days, who have invested properly, have  end to end software packages for helping them attribute costs to a legal case. Examples, Peppermint, Meridian, MatterSphere, with these packages mimicking the likes of Microsoft outlook, word, excel, they can cause major driver issues with some makes and models of printer.

For example, when using MatterSphere, it looks like you’re using Microsoft outlook, when actually you’re in a MatterSphere program with the front end of Microsoft painted onto the front end.  This creates all sorts of trouble when trying to print a document from MatterSphere (which looks like you’re printing from Microsoft Word).  We know this can be an issue, in the past we spent over 50 hours testing various print drivers at one legal firm, working our what was needed to make everything work together.  Even though we had supplied a test machine for 1 month before installation across the offices, no one had picked up the subtle print errors from driver incompatibilities – odd word with the odd letter missing here and there!

  1. Prompt Onsite Support – We provide a 1-3 hour response, and we can even build into the solution spare new printers, so if the worst was to happen and we cannot fix a fault in a timely fashion – we just swap the printer out and within the 3 hour support window our users are up and running.  The reality is our design, installation and reliability of the machines we source – in the last 4 years, we have swapped out printers 5 times. Rather than fault finding a strange issue onsite, we turn up with a replacement, plumbed it straight in, and taken the sick device back to the workshop.  This has worked well taken any mechanical issues out of the equation from the users perspective.

Solicitors print solution

Over the years, while serving key players in the Legal Sector, we at CSR have honed and tuned our service to fit these clients and their demanding requirements. Our solicitors print solution is evidenced and endorsed in the best possible way – by our legal clients renewing their support contracts time after time.  Talk to us about your firms requirements, and let’s see if we can reduce your costs, improve the service you and your staff enjoy and serve you to the best of our abilities.