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The Planet is on loan to us all – Is your supplier recycling your toners?

Never Assume! Reprographic printers: Digital Printing.

Fact – of the 65 million cartridges sold in the UK, only 15% are recycled.

Consider this – one toner cartridge will take over 1000 years to decompose.

That’s a lot of cartridges and thousands of years.

So, for the question of ‘Why Recycle?’  That’s an easy one, for a start – recycling a cartridge helps produce 20 more cartridges and reducing the energy needed by 80%.  More reasons …

  • Diverting waste from landfill. With only 15% of cartridges being recycled – that’s 85% going straight to waste, which means straight into landfill, for over 1000 years.
  • Recovering resources. These cartridges contain many recoverable materials like plastics, metals and inks, that all can then be re-used to make new products (and not limited to cartridges);
  • Saving energy. The more you can use recovered materials, relative to production from new, far less energy… and water, is required.
  • Reducing greenhouse gases. Lower your raw materials and energy needs – cleaner manufacture.

In fact there’s a real good argument that an empty cartridge (or drum or fuser) shouldn’t be classified as waste at all.  Take a look at your cartridges, they are high tech containers whose manufacture consumed energy and a number of raw materials that are readily recoverable or simply reusable.  Why is that such a difficult idea?  After all, our parents recycled ultra low tech milk bottles for decades!

So we really should be recycling our Toner Cartridges, and our Drums and Fusers can be recycled too.  In fact its more than a moral obligation, there’s legislation around this too.  In the UK we have the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations.  This is a piece of Manufacturer ‘Responsibility’ legislation to encourage manufacturers to take responsibility for reducing the environmental impact of their products at the end of their useful lives.  And since January 2016 some Toner Cartridges have been classified as WEEE.

That’s an important point, we all have a responsibility to care for the planet, but the suppliers of cartridges have an obligation.  Now, there’s a question does your supplier have a toner cartridge recycling scheme in place?

At CSR we are always looking at improving the ways we serve our customers, and ways to give something back.  So yes, we are proud to say we do have in place a printer consumables recycling scheme, and its FREE.  In association with one of our suppliers we can ensure your – Toner Cartridges, Drums and Fusers are all professionally recycled.  Their process is fully WEEE compliant.  Helping us all to take seriously our corporate responsibilities, lower our impact on the environment and become a little more environmentally sustainable by taking care of our printer consumable waste.