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What is ‘Mobile Print’?

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To recap – Technology moves fast.  Trends move fast.  The number of Mobile Computer users outnumber Desktop Computing users.  And this mobile technology is making content accessible anytime anywhere.  Your visitors and staff are increasingly relying on mobile technology, and these days we expect to be able to print from any device, wherever we are.  Mobile Printing is one of the most wanted features of mobile devices.

So, what is ‘Mobile Print’?  Simply the process of sending data to a printer usually from a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet’

There are two main technologies at play here….

1 – Direct communication / connection where mobile devices communicate and connect directly with the printer.  Among the benefits are that its simple, requires no extra software or app installation, its low cost and can be low maintenance.

Connection can be through NFC (Near Field Communication), Bluetooth or WiFi, devices the ability to connect directly to printers removes any need for either Printer or Mobile devices needing to connect to your network, from an IT departments perspective this removes a layer of management, control, security issues etc, so long as you are OK with a rather relaxed policy on access to these ‘public’ printers.

2.  Communication between a Mobile Device and a PC or Print Server where the Printer is connected to these local devices, and the mobile devices access the printer through these local devices.  Usually this will be via an app installed on the mobile device connecting with complementary ‘server’ software on the local device – which then drives the printer.

This can offer wider integration with access to your Intranet, Cloud Storage and Document Servers such as DropBox, Evernote etc.   Being on your corporate network, within the IT / Comms infrastructure, this can also afford you with better security, more control, better management data.

And there may be revenue opportunities for public area’s such as Hotels, Shops, Cafés, Airports etc by allowing and monitoring access to printers.

At CSR Digital, we offer a comprehensive range of products and services from Managed Print Services, Printers, Copiers through to IT hardware / Software – the benefit to you is that if you think Mobile Print would benefit your business, or if it already features in your IT Solution, we can help – and we remove all the stress with our ‘one stop’ solution to your Mobile Print requirements.