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What is ‘Mobile Print’?

What is ‘Mobile Print’?   To recap - Technology moves fast.  Trends move fast.  The number of Mobile Computer users outnumber Desktop Computing users.  And this mobile technology is making content accessible anytime anywhere.  Your visitors and staff are...

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Hot topic… How secure is your Network?

Hot topic… How secure is your Network? At the time of writing this blog, Virgin media had just issued security advice to over 800,000 Broadband customers – to change the password to their internet routers.  The advice was actually - to change both the network and...

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Apple Products for Education

­Apple Products in Education You are probably very familiar with Apple products, popular for their design, quality, performance, and ease of use – in fact most people describe Apple products as fun to use and moreover are ‘keen’ to be associated with the iconic...

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Supporting Local Business

Supporting Local Business   Kylie Jenner releases a lip gloss, people buy it. Michael Jordan puts out a new shoe, people buy it. Kanye launches a new pair of Yeezy Boost 350’s, people queue for days outside shops and online for them. Dre has new headphones,...

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Microsoft Launch Windows 10S

Microsoft Launch Windows 10S This week Microsoft launched their new version of Windows 10: Windows 10 S. This is Microsoft's answer to Chrome OS, to simplify Windows for low-end hardware and in particular, the education market. “Everything that runs on Windows 10 S is...

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